Things to do in Mallorca

Mallorca. For many Europeaners this is a hot holiday destination. For locals it’s just a way of life.

Now this summer has been fairly hot already, and living without airconditioning can be torture at times. I love the sun, but during the hottest days it’s nice to wave goodbye to the sun as that means cooler evening temperatures. Sa Foradada is arguably the best place on the island to wave goodbye to the sun…

Now I’ve been to Sa Foradada quite a bit, but the other night was truly magical. Let me set the scene: a Tuesday night after work and I’d just gotten back from the gym. It’s about 7:30pm and I’d just finished showering and I hear my phone buzz a few times with messages. In no hurry, I walk over to take a look. Within a matter of a few minutes I had a few good friends asking me if I had plans that night. Each friend from seperate “circles.” I hadn’t had any plans but I needed a break from the heat of my apartment. Then it dawned on me, why not enjoy a cold drink while watching the sunset!

There it was, four of us in the car by 8:00pm, on our way to Sa Foradada. I knew the other three, but the other three didn’t know each other. There was a mixture of Spanish and English as the standard conversations took place with moments of slightly awkward silence. Then we arrived. While busy, it wasn’t too bad as it was a Tuesday night. We park the car, walk a few minutes to the lookout and grab a table and a few chairs at the outdoor bar area.

Relaxing yet upbeat music is playing and we each grab a cold drink from the bar. As the sun begins to set, the music blankets the modest crowd and the relaxing feel of the alcohol sinks in, you could just sense a true harmony amongst the four of us. The sun set, and not a single one of us took out our phone to take a picture. We merely sat there in silence and enjoyed the magical spectacle amongst us.

After waving goodbye to the sun, the mood livened a little bit and we stayed to enjoy the company of one another. Now the recent strangers felt like a lifelong group of friends…laughing, conversing and even throwing a few good jokes around.

Not every night can be like that, but this was truly a magical evening. Now I can’t promise that you’ll have the same experience, but I can tell you that a visit to Sa Foradada is certainly one of top things to do in Mallorca this summer!